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High temperature leave the company after the successful start of production

Date:2006-8-12 | From:Hubei Chengli

   Ping Xu ,zhangmin Liu,Dongcheng Tong,Zhong Fan,Huicheng Ye,Jie Ouyang,Youquan Li,Changhai Sun and so on company leaders come to Shiyan base to visit the first line employees and check the safe of produce work.

   reporter: Jili Long,Baojian Yu Internship reporter: Kedeng Liu, Zhuang LiAfter 10 days high temperature holidays to have a rest, Dongfeng Shiyan base produce all start. On 7th,august,the company leaders Ping Xu,Zhangmin Liu,Dongcheng Tong,Zhong Fan,Huicheng Ye,Jie Ouyang,Youquan Li,Changhai Sun etc. divide into serval parts to part unit of company Shiyan base to condole the first line employees,and check the situation of safty of produce.
    That morning ,Ping Xu etc. company leaders and other related head of company functional departments divide into four teams separately go to Dongfeng Motor Co. machine manufacturing factory,the body of commercial truck factory,The total commercial vehicle assembly plant, Dongfeng forging company, Dongfeng Motor fasteners company,Gongjiagou oil depot,Dongfeng Dana Axle factory in Shiyan, Dongfeng Dana Axle parts Axle Plant, Dongfeng Braking Systems Technology, Dongfeng Motor Corporation Bearing Pistons, Commercial vehicle engine plant, Dongfeng Motor Company of transmission, Dongfeng General Hospital, Dongfeng water factory, Dongfeng Power Plant, Dongfeng Power Agency etc. unit to condole and check safty.
    After the inspection in the first lineDongfeng limited manufacturing planning headquarters safe and technical and enviroment protection minister Shenmin Li reported in the first half of the work of security of Dongfeng limited .This first half year,Dongfeng limited Further promote the standardization of the quality of security work to create, start training of the comprehensive unforeseen dangerous ,kyt etc. eight improving issues, fixed assets investment projects to further regulate the health and safety supervision, realized of the "five to eliminate", is put an end to the death at work, heavy fire, boiler and Pressure Vessel Explosion ,heavy environmental Pollution and commodities risk of accident;KPI indicators is basic secury and stable;Environmental / Occupational Health and Safety Management System in January passed third-party audit oversight and enviroment changing virsion oversight;Dongfeng limited access to the national model enterprise on occupational health
    Deputy party secretary of the company,Director of the Authority security:Zhong Fan point out that in the meeting :The company attaches great importance to production safety,take high degree of concern about the health of employees and the safe of national property,Employees further enhance safety awareness,system constantly improve, the investment of security reform increase ,Implementation of the ongoing efforts to enhance,Safety management practice with international continuously, Some of the advanced management ideas and technology are put into production management, The company has been in production safety situation to develop in a positive direction. But the situation of safty is not good ,All units must be the work of security in an important position firmly grasp, Security string can not relax any moment .
    After half a day security inspection,General Manager,Party Secretary Ping Xu take the important spoken .He point out that ,grasping the safe working is the important content of implementing the scientific concept of development. We will not only pursue the market is performing well ,meet the demand of customers constantly, we but also love our staff,take the social responsibility,For shareholders, society, customers and employees to create long-term value, at the same time of the pursuit of profit growth,we must take the human as the first situation,grasp the security work,realize the coodinated development between social and enterprise ,human and natural.
    Ping Xu emphasize that security management is an important work of company of grasping constantly,it not only is the work of enterprise administration ,but also is the important chief that party implement the national principles and policies,Party committees at all levels must take work safety as an important work to do, convene a meeting of security topics, listen to a safety report on the topic , and administrative efforts to form, firmly grasp the work safety.
    On how to grasp the safety work in next half year,Ping Xu put forward six demands:one is safety work must be the work of an organized system ,set the special safety worker, all unit must further improve and improve the security system ,shaped the programe and system of safety, In the past the company some good experience take in curing down, implement the memory of organization formation and the standards; two is all unit must establish the check system of kpi of safety management , KPI security as a key performance indicators to measure levels, implement the responsibility system at various levels; three is spare no effort to promote safety and quality standardization and KYT work, combine the good corporate practices and day produce advanced management methods effectively , It not only can not be divorced from the actual company, but also can not stop our steps, continuously improve the company management of safety; four is in the new investment of item must "three at the same time " managing (design at the same time , construct at the same time ,check and use at the same time) five is strengthen audit and check and improve in important unit ,important site , important post, improve safety at the extent scene of the nature ;six is strengthen the culture construction of safety, improve the form of employees.
    The vice general manager Jie Ouyang presided over the work of the security briefing . He point out that all unit must design the measure of reform,grasp the reform work.

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